bright night stridelite umbrella with light 1

When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, the sky gets pretty dark. Though you may have an umbrella at hand, there are also times you wish you also have some sort of illumination around as you walk in the pouring rain.

bright night stridelite umbrella with light 2

bright night stridelite umbrella with light 3

Here’s one 2-in-1 umbrella called the Bright Night StrideLite that not only works as an umbrella, but also provides illumination as well. The umbrella comes with a lightning device built within that makes it not only useful for walking in the rain but also useful for times when the sky goes dark.

The illumination part of the umbrella is built on the underside of the dome of the umbrella, so that it turns into an overhead lamp of sorts, making is easier to see where you walk as you hold it up. The lighting comes with 2 Krypton bulbs that provide the lighting. The umbrella is made of a high-reflective material therefore it makes use of the shape of the dome to produce a spot of light around you, offering a sense of safety.

Not only does it work as an umbrella, it will also work well as a source of light for camping and many other uses around the home or outdoors.

A multipurpose umbrella with a very useful secondary function.

The Bright Night StrideLite illuminated umbrella is powered by 4 AA batteries and retails for $34.95 from Amazon.