buffalo ethernet lan cable with unbreakable plug 1

For those who come into contact with ethernet LAN cables and networking stuff regularly, you’ll be all too familiar with the little plastic flap that is found on the LAN cable connectors. These flaps are supposed to keep the cable connectors locked when plugged into a socket, however most of them are pretty fragile and break pretty easily after a while.

buffalo ethernet lan cable with unbreakable plug 2

Here’s an ethernet LAN cable that is made specially to address this specific problem. The Buffalo RJ45 LAN cable comes with a connector that is made of a more durable and bendable plastic that makes it resistant to breaking. No matter how many times it has been bent, the little plastic flap on the LAN connector will never break, thereby increasing the lifespan the LAN cable compared to one with the usual connector.

Watch the video of the Buffalo LAN cable with unbreakable connector in action below:



Finally one LAN cable that says goodbye to the breaking LAN connector flap.

More information on the RJ45 ethernet cable with unbreakable connector can be found on Buffalo Japan’s product page.

Meanwhile if you happen to have a pile of LAN cables with broken connectors lying around, you can make use of this quick fix and use cable ties to repair broken ethernet plugs so that you can use them again.

how to fix a broken lan cable

Follow on to this Instructables guide to learn how to fix them yourself.