Have you thought of building Lego models but find yourself looking silly to be playing with them? You can do so on the iPhone. This is an application for the iPhone that lets you build Lego structures virtually when boredom strikes.

  Lego Game For iPhone

The fun of creating your own Lego models does not stop there, for the application has the capability to run off the existing mobile network for social networking such as personalization and challenging others in building stuff out of the virtual bricks for added fun.

Since the announcement of the iPhone SDK, companies have been rushing to get their software on the iPhone platform. One such company is well-known mobile gaming company Gameloft, which has 15 games in store for the iPhone.

It is expected that the games and applications will run on the iPod Touch as well, and that’s for countries that do not have the iPhone yet.

play/nyc via CrunchGear