minecraft lego diorama set 1

Love Minecraft? Here’s one way to build your Minecraft creations outside of your computer. Using the well-known Lego building bricks many of us have played with from young, you can build a Minecraft world in real life.

minecraft lego diorama set 2

minecraft lego diorama set 3

This Minecraft Lego set is a set of specially made Lego pieces which include specialty pieces such as the Minecraft avatar and a mob, the Creeper. It consists mainly of 1×1 brick pieces similar to Minecraft, which lets you build and remove blocks one by one.

However, there are still some real world restrictions compared to the game, which prevents us from making a block or a set of blocks float in the middle of nowhere. Though moving elements with physics such as flowing water or lava cannot be recreated, it does exist in Lego form and can be used in the form of bricks.

All of these will allow for the creation of a Minecraft diorama that a Minecraft fan can proudly display in the room for play or as a decoration.

In addition, if you happen to have excess Lego bricks lying around somewhere in the house, they can be used to expand your Lego Minecraft world too.

The Lego Minecraft set retails for $69.95 from Amazon.