butt face towel

When using towels with generic and plain designs, it’s always difficult to tell which part of the towel you have used for wiping your rear and face after a shower. The thought of using the exact side of the towel for wiping your butt and then using it to dry off your face later is probably the same as sticking your own face where the sun don’t shine.

This butt face towel is a creatively designed item that will solve that problem once and for all. The butt face towel is divided into two distinct halves where the white portion labeled ‘Face’ is for wiping your face and the other half in brown labeled ‘Butt’ for drying your bum. Now you’ll be sure you won’t ever find yourself wiping your face with your butt after a shower. Available at Amazon for $12.28.

butt face soap

A great companion to the towel will be the Butt Face soap for sure. The idea is the same as the towel, where each half of the soap is clearly labeled so you can clean the appropriate part of your body without mixing up either side too. Available at Amazon for $5 per piece.

With the butt face towel and soap combo, your mind will definitely be at ease after taking that relaxing shower.