buttered popcorn soap

If you can’t get enough of buttered popcorn here’s something that will make your hands smell like you’ve just eaten some of it, apart from eating it, that is.

The buttered popcorn soap is a bar of soap that comes with a the smell of popcorn instead of the usual floral scent that you commonly find from soaps. However, it still does the job of keeping your hands clean, just that the added bonus is the smell of freshly popped popcorn and melted butter around your hands after you’ve used it.

This has to be one of those scents that no one gets tired of, and will surely make yourself and those around you crave for a bag of popcorn after using it.

An interesting piece of soap that comes with the scent and smell of the legendary cinema snack.

The buttered popcorn soap retails for $6.99 from Perpetual Kid.