cable keeps iphone ipad ac adaptor attachment 1

Charging cables, like earphone cables have a tendency to magically tangle up in a mess when left along. Here’s a set of neat attachments that goes with the charging adaptor for the iPhone or iPad that keeps them secure and tidy when not in use.

cable keeps iphone ipad ac adaptor attachment 2

cable keeps iphone ipad ac adaptor attachment 3

The AC adaptor attachment called ‘Cable Keeps’ comes in a bright color and slips on the existing iPad/iPhone USB AC adaptor charger. With this attachment, any loose wire can be wound along the extended length resulting in a neater space around the charging area without messy cables simply lying around. A nice feature is that the shape also makes it possible for an iPhone to piggyback on the attachment while its connected to the wall outlet, saving space during charging.

If the iPad or the iPhone is charging near the adaptor, there is bound to be loose wire lying around, which may cause an unfortunate mishap, so it makes sense to wind up the wire to a much shorter and suitable length when charging. When the charging cable or adaptor is not in use, the entire cable can be wound up into a compact form and stored in a drawer or a bag for portability.

A clever little attachment that will make taming charging cables a little easier.

The Cable Keeps AC adaptor attachment for the iPhone/iPad retails for $16 from Amazon.