call of duty: black ops mythbusters

DTH aka defendthehouse has recently released episode two of its ever-popular video game MythBusters series featuring Black Ops from the Call of Duty franchise. Here’s both episode 1 and episode 2 of Black Ops MythBusters to confirm or dismiss the many what-if’s from the game.

Episode 1 rundown:

  • You can place a C4 on top of an enemy RC-XD: Busted
  • You can shoot down a Valkyrie Missile: Confirmed
  • Care package helicopters can crash into each other: Busted
  • The doors on Radiation can crush you: Confirmed
  • Flak jacket will protect you from an RC-XD explosion: Confirmed
  • You can shoot down a care package helicopter: Confirmed
  • You can dive over an RPG: Confirmed


Black Ops MythBusters Episode 1 video:



Episode 2 rundown:

  • You can destroy a helicopter with a Tomahawk: Confirmed
  • A player will feel the effects of a flash grenade while operating a kill streak reward: Busted
  • Like care packages, other airdropped items can be re-rolled using Hardline Pro: Confirmed
  • Flames can penetrate the doors on Radiation: Confirmed
  • You cannot go down stairs while in Second Chance: Confirmed
  • You cannot go up stairs while in Second Chance: Busted
  • SAM turrets will shoot down Valkyrie missiles: Confirmed
  • You can place C4 on a friendly RC-XD: Confirmed


Black Ops MythBusters Episode 2 video:



Having educated yourself with these Call of Duty: Black Ops myths, the only thing left to do now is to get into the game and start forming strategies for an advantage.