camera strap solar battery charger

A photographer’s worst nightmare is to have batteries run out in the middle of a photo shoot without any form of backup power. The problem of having your digital camera’s batteries run out during a photo-taking session may one day be averted with this creative idea, a camera strap solar battery charger!

A typical and indispensable accessory to the digital cameras like the camera strap is one of the perfect spots to fit a nice row of flexible solar panels. Being wrapped most of the time around the neck of the photographer also ensures the solar panels on the camera strap get a good and constant flow of solar power on a sunny day. Connected directly to the solar panels on the camera strap is the digital camera’s battery allowing the digital camera to be recharged passively in sunlight.

This design by Weng Jie makes it to my ‘hope-it-comes-out-soon’ list but we’ll probably have to wait for flexible solar panels to go mainstream before we start seeing stuff like this in the market.