cannon shaped popcorn maker 1

Here’s one popcorn maker that looks similar to an old-style cannon. However, it won’t hurt anyone but will instead provide everyone with tasty popcorn.

cannon shaped popcorn maker 2

cannon shaped popcorn maker 3

The popcorn maker comes with an electrical heating element at the base, and at the top is simply an opening. So when the popcorn kernels pop, you’ll expect to see them flying out. Simply adjust the angle of the popcorn maker’s opening so that the flying popcorn will have a place to land somewhere, like in a popcorn cup or a bowl and you’ll be able to watch them fly as if it were a circus act. Do expect quite a bit of a mess when everything’s over though.

An interesting-looking popcorn maker that comes with a bit of fun. The cannon-shaped popcorn maker retails for $49 from Brando Gadgets.