canon x mark i calculator computer mouse

So, if you happen to be surfing around and using the computer and you need to crunch some numbers really quickly, this quirky but handy computer gadget will be the best fit for that scenario. Even having to move the mouse to launch the calculator on the OS is too slow as the calculator is already right in front of you in your hands in the form of this calculator/computer mouse combo.

The Canon X Mark I computer mouse is a mouse that comes with a functional calculator built right into an optical mouse. Definitely one essential item for people who deal with numbers at work or for filing tax forms and performing personal accounting at home.

Powered either by solar power or a single AAA battery, the mouse will be able to perform its job just like any other mouse on the market apart from looking just a tad nerdy. The number key on the mouse also act as a keyboard numpad so if you prefer to input the numbers into your preferred spreadsheet program it is also possible.

One cool design for a computer mouse with pretty useful multiple functions.