What do geeks do when they run out of ideas to paint a car? They attach and cover them with geeky stuff.

The average geek most probably will have gone through more than just a couple keyboards in a few years, so what to to with all those used keyboards? Remove the old keyboard keys and cover the car with them of course.

Car covered with used keyboard keys:

car covered with keyboard keys 1

car covered with keyboard keys 2

car covered with keyboard keys 3

When these Lego bricks have lost their charm due to their owner moving on to other interests and hobbies, this will always serve as a reminder of the good times spent building stuff.

Car covered with Lego bricks:

car covered with lego bricks

It is quite believable that a geek from the 80’s generation could have amassed a huge number of floppy disks for storage just in case of an impending apocalypse. Well since these floppies have become obsolete and the cold war has ended, they can be used for covering the car now.

Car covered with floppy disks:

car covered with floppy disks 1

car covered with floppy disks 2 [darkroastedblend]