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Here’s one iPhone case that not only keeps your iPhone from tiny bumps and scratches, but also keeps your screen clean. The slightly larger case comes with a screen cleaning wiper and also a compartment where you can store a set of earphones when they’re not in use.

o casing iphone casing design 2

o casing iphone casing design 3

The Ö case designed by Löytö Esineiden comes in a size which is longer than the iPhone 4. The slightly larger case allows for a compartment where one can keep a set of earphones safely. If you’re an audiophile, then it’s pretty important to keep a pair of iems which can cost a few hundred dollars safe, which can be done with this case. While the earphone cords can be wound around the iPhone like usual, the individual ear-bud cords can be slotted into slots of the casing to be kept safelyu inside.

Built onto the case, the extra attachment which doubles up as the lid is the screen wiper. When the screen of the iPhone is dirty, the lid can simply be popped off and be used for wiping the screen. A fluid motion of popping the lid off, swiping it up and back down, and popping it back into place not only gets the screen clean, and definitely one wouldn’t have to look clumsy trying to clean the iPhone on their skirt or trouser fabric.

A pretty good-looking and multi-purpose iPhone casing concept. A bonus and additional feature is that the compartment’s size is also big enough to house the charging dock within, making the iPhone look sleek even when plugged in.