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Bulbe Manual Washing Machine

Here’s one washing machine that isn’t powered by electricity, but by elbow grease. This is a concept design by Clémence Germain & Léonard Gringné. This washing machine ...

Star Wars Yoda Bath Robe

Wish you could role-play as the master of Jedi anytime you want? Here’s one bath robe that turns you instantly into Yoda, the master Jedi from Star Wars ...

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Here’s one Minecraft-themed hoodie that is made in the likes of its most notorious mob, the creeper. This is a zip-up Creeper hoodie that will make a Minecraft ...

Angry Birds Shoes

They have not only invaded smartphones, cakes, cupcakes, Legos, iPhone cases, flight simulators, board games and now the Angry Birds are set to take the world of shoes ...
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