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Fishbowl Gumball Machine

Here’s one gumball machine that doesn’t dispense gumballs, and nobody would be able to use it for gumball dispensing at all. This is actually an aquarium made to look ...

Old School Desk Notepad

Many of us do remember in the days of school life, the desk more or less worked as a public bulletin board for various messages. Here’s one notepad that ...

Dish Drainer Forest

Here’s a dish drainer that looks more like a decoration that a dish drainer, but works just as well. This dish drainer called the dish drainer forest comes ...

Axe Shaped Tea Infuser

Everyone has their own way of drinking tea, such as different blends or using a different cup. Here’s one more way to spice it up by using a unique-looking ...

Paper Airplane Push Pin

Here’s a paper airplane that is not made for flying, and should never be thrown. Instead, it is made for attaching notes, messages and notices on a corkboard. ...
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