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Quickie Links 09-04-09

1. Nintendo DSi gets disassembled: Thinking of getting a Nintendo DSi? Find out what’s contained inside this portable gaming system before buying. 2. Bumptop desktop interface: ...

Quickie Links 09-03-09

1. The Tokyoflash Hanko watch: A watch that uses only LEDs moving around in different positions to tell the time. 2. Pink dolphin ...

Quickie Links 26-02-09

1. Deadly Symphony – This tesla coil plays the Star Wars Imperial March Theme! 2. Cuteness overload? An Xbox 360 console gets a Hello ...

Quickie Links 08-02-09

1. Fight the rain with the samurai umbrella. An umbrella with a samurai sword handle. 2. Recompute, a PC casing made of corrugated cardboard. Just make ...

Quickie Links 05-12-08

1. Now you can wear: Official Gears of War Armor Suits and Rifles 2. Drumming pencils? Drumstick pencils! 3. New Super Mario board game 4. Mario scenes made with pushpins