Having a small and portable thumb drive to carry with you around is almost a thing of the past. What you need now are devices that serve multiple purposes, such as this swivel USB stick from Cellink.

Cellink T USB Stick 1

The Cellink USB stick, functions like a normal thumb drive and provides storage, but within its tiny shell hosts an impressive collection of hardware that can do more than just storing data. It is a flash-drive, phone charger, micro SD card reader, handphone charger and data transfer device in one!

Cellink T USB Stick 2

All you need to do is to swivel the device into the ‘T’ orientation and you can connect a handphone for charging and data transfer right out of the USB port of a computer.

Cellink T USB Stick 3

This nifty little device is currently only available for the Korean market and could prove to be useful if it makes its way into Singapore, as Korean-made handphones such as LG and Samsung have been used by Singaporeans for quite some time.

via Aving USA