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Depending on where you live, work or play, there may be times where alternative renewable power sources such as solar power can be used to charge your gadgets not only for convenience but also for saving money.

However at places where there’s a lot of wind but not so much of the sun, there is a lot more practical to use a charging gadget that can make use of all that wind power and convert it into battery power for the other gadgets that you own, such as portable media players and mobile phones.

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This is where the Thanko portable fan charger comes in. Where there’s wind, its blades will turn and start to charge the battery within. That’s how simple the concept is. When the built-in battery of the fan charger has been charged sufficiently, simply connect it to your gadgets to pass over all that clean energy for usage.

Watch the video of the Thanko portable fan charger in action:



Connect it to a bike while you cycle, on a car window while you drive or outside the tent in the mountains. Certainly one interesting charger that will be a hit for the eco-geeks.

The Thanko portable fan charger retails for 3980 yen at Rakuten Japan.