chargecard credit card shaped micro usb cable 1

There are many uses for a micro USB cable. It is most commonly used for charging and transferring data to and from our portable gadgets like smartphones, portable media players and tablet PCs today. Here’s one micro USB cable, that doesn’t even look like a cable, but still does the job.

chargecard credit card shaped micro usb cable 2

The credit-card shaped micro USB cable, just like the typical USB to micro-USB cable, will connect your portable devices to a power source like a laptop or USB AC adaptor for charging. The big difference obviously is its unique shape, with a soft flexible body that conforms to any position the jacks can be adjusted to fit the ports of a smartphone and laptop.

You will find it hard to carry around a normal USB charging cable in your wallet, but definitely not with the ChargeCard. Since it’s shaped like a credit card, you can fit it into one of the slots in your wallet and you’ll always have a charging cable available. As it’s always in your wallet, you can use it as your main charging cable for convenience or have it sitting around as a spare cable in case of emergencies.

An innovative design for a USB micro charging and data transfer cable suitable for those who don’t usually carry bags around with them.

The ChargeCard credit-card shaped micro USB cable retails for $24.99 from Amazon.