charging charlie charging cable holder 1

Dressed like a fireman, this cute and interesting looking gadget called ‘Charging Charlie’ will hold your smartphone’s charging cable in place so that you’ll be able to find it easily whenever you need to charge your mobile phone.

charging charlie charging cable holder 2

charging charlie charging cable holder redcharging charlie charging cable holder black

While he looks more like a petrol kiosk attendant than a fireman as he doesn’t really put out fires but fills up your gadgets with power when they run low on battery. His job is pretty simple though, Charging Charlie simply stands all day long in a pose that looks like he’s always ready at any time to provide a helping hand for you to reach your charging cable quickly to recharge your mobile phone running low on juice.

A cute charging cable holder that will be suitable for the organization of charging cables for smartphones, portable media players and tablets.

The Charging Charlie charging cable holder is available in two colors black, and red and retails for $16 from Monkey Business.