ice chess pieces ice maker 1

One way to play a game of speed chess is to use a game clock, which can commonly be found in chess tournaments. However if you want to play it in the most fun way ever, it’s to use this silicone ice maker to make a set of ice chess pieces right in your freezer.

ice chess pieces ice maker 2

ice chess pieces ice maker 3

The hotter the place is, the faster one has to play a game of chess. Probably not a very good idea to play this game in the desert or near the tropics. The good thing is that if you manage to capture your opponent’s ice chess pieces very quickly, they can simply be dunked into your cocktail for an even colder cup of refreshing beverage.

A game of chess using these chess pieces made of ice does sound pretty fun, but if one isn’t really into chess they still can be used like regular ice cubes except that they come with an added touch of novelty to drinks at a party. Available at ThinkGeek at $12.99 for a set of two silicone ice molds.