chirp vibrating alarm clock 1

Share a bed or room with someone but wake up at different times? Chirp, the vibrating alarm clock is here to help. Instead of having an audible alarm clock for waking the user up, it uses vibration from a removable clip that can be attached to a pillow for accomplishing the task.

chirp vibrating alarm clock 2

chirp vibrating alarm clock 3

When it’s time to wake up, the vibrating clip will cause the pillow to vibrate to wake the person up. However, if it doesn’t work it still comes with a backup audible alarm that will sound after some time if the user has yet to wake up to disable the alarm.

A nice vibration alarm clock gadget for shared rooms and also for people who are less sensitive to the sound of alarms going off in their sleep.

The Chirp vibrating alarm clock retails for $39.99 on Quirky. It is on pre-order status at time of posting and will go into production when it hits 1700 orders.