chobi cam block 1

Chobi Cam has come up with another design in its series, and it’s the Chobi Cam Block, a miniature-sized digital camera that looks just like a toy block, similar to that of a Lego Brick.

chobi cam block 2

chobi cam block 3

The Chobi Cam Block, just like the others in its design are digital cameras that come with specs that make it adequate for typical and casual photography. The main feature has to be the size that it comes it, where each of them is able to fit in the palm of the hand and easy to carry around in the pocket or bag.

This camera is obviously designed for fun, and that’s evident in the different form it comes in, especially since it doesn’t even come with a viewfinder due to its size. Coming in a toy brick version clad in bright colors, it will surely remind and hopefully invoke the playful kid in us. The control buttons are cleverly disguised as the studs of the block, so it doesn’t affect the overall look of this innocent-looking ‘toy block’.

The camera weighs just 20 grams and contains an internal USB rechargeable battery. As for imaging capabilities, it is able to take still photographs at a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels and 720p videos at 30fps. There is no internal memory, but the Chobi Cam Block will be able to accept microSD cards ranging from 4-32 GB.

A simple yet fun-looking camera that is tiny in size and easy to carry around.

The Chobi Cam Block retails for 3,980 yen from JTT Online Shop.