chobi cam cheese ultra mini digital camera 1

‘Chobi Cam’ is known to be a series of fun mini cameras that are fun and cute-looking for casual use. Here’s a new design that has been released and it looks none other like the rest of its counterparts – an ultra-mini digital camera that looks like a tasty wedge of Swiss cheese.

chobi cam cheese ultra mini digital camera 2

chobi cam cheese ultra mini digital camera 3

Even though it’s a stripped down digital camera that comes in a small size, it comes with features that make it work well as a basic camera. It comes in a size small enough that you can hold it completely in the fist of your hand, which is perfect for use as a keychain or kept in the pocket so you can whip it out instantly to take a quick photo or video clip in a snap without wasting time fumbling around with a full-sized digital camera or smartphone.

It comes with a microSD card slot that allows you customize the amount of memory capacity according to your needs. It also works as a memory card adaptor so you can transfer digital photos to the computer or tablet easily or use it for charging with a USB cable.

A cool-looking mini camera that is fun-looking yet useful for taking casual photographs.

The Chobi Cam cheese retails for 2,980 yen from JTT Online Shop.