chobi g200 mini digital camera

This is the third Chobi mini camera that is featured on Internet Siao. While the first one was tiny, the second one was both tiny and waterproof. This third version of the Chobi mini camera, the G200 addresses a problem both the other two versions faced: a feature that allowed the user to preview photographs before they are captured. Without a viewfinder or LCD screen, there’s absolutely no way to do that on the earlier models.

The latest Chobi G200 mini digital camera comes with an additional LCD screen compared to its older models. With an LCD screen in place, it does start to look worthy as an alternative piece of gadgetry for trigger-happy casual photographers. Sporting a 1.44 inch TFT LCD, this miniature digital camera captures videos at 640×480 at 30fps besides being able to taking photos at up to 2560×1920 resolution.

With an LCD screen running on such a small device, the remaining concern some of us may have will be its battery life. However it does contain enough power to run for approximately 2hrs 15mins in video mode on a 180-minute charge, which is pretty good for a digital camera this small. The Chobi G200 mini digital camera is available at Geek Stuff 4 U for 17,500 yen.