We all know that chocolates come in all shapes and sizes. I remember eating chocolate sticks packed to resemble cigarettes back in the 80’s as a kid (until they were banned or something) and then now, occasionally those liquor bottle shaped chocolates with a little touch of alcohol within.

The humble chocolate has always been able to keep up in style with civilisation since its invention and it is still true in this modern technology era, in this techy incarnation as the chocolate laptop!

Chocolap Chocolate Laptop

The Chocolap is a cardboard laptop with keys made of chocolate. You may find yourself eating them in order of favourites or the order in which you would type your favourite website, making the possibilities pretty endless. Technically its not a laptop, but the cardboard dud encasing the tasty chocolate keys will look enticing to many chocolate loving geeks out there.

Therefore you should understand that Chocolap is unable to provide enjoyment by logging you on to the internet, but it can definitely satisfy the craving for a little chocolate indulgence.

Product Page via Popgadget