better than chocolate sofa 1

It is quite a fact that chocolate lovers will never get enough of chocolates. Here’s something that isn’t quite common, a sofa that looks like a bar of chocolate.

better than chocolate sofa 2

This is a sofa called ‘Better Than Chocolate’ designed by Tcherassi Vilato, a sofa with its exterior made to look like chocolate bars.

The exterior is made of wood, where different types and colors of wood can be chosen. For example, dark wood will surely be a perfect fit for someone who loves dark chocolate. On the inside, leather of different colors can also be customized. Choosing white will make the cushy squares inside look like fluffy marshmallows.

A beautiful-looking sofa that looks pretty interesting and still elegant looking despite being food-themed.

The ‘Better Than Chocolate’ sofa retails for $6,650 from Fancy.