city street manhole cover pillows

It’s not everyday that one gets to come home to a room full of manhole covers. With these manhole pillows one can not only be welcomed by these soft and cushy couch pillows that look just like manhole covers.

london city street manhole cover pillownew york city street manhole cover pillow

While the manhole pillows are not exactly the cute kind of cushion people expect to find in a house, the variance in designs between the manhole covers found in different cities do capture a part of the essence that make up the city streets.

They are part of the handmade artwork done by intheseam who has made a bunch of them and put them up for sale on Etsy. How the manhole cover pillows were made was by using an inkjet printer to print the manhole cover designs on a canvas and then have the printed design sewn on as a pillow cover. A truly unique design idea for couch pillows and certainly an interesting way to take a part of your favorite city back home.