nes-controller-coffee-table 1

It has been decades since the NES console made its way into households, but that doesn’t mean we will never find projects linked to this classic game console sprinkled on the internet today. A great example is this terrific NES controller coffee table.

Made by the people from 10up Deluxe, the NES controller coffee table has been made exactly ten times the original Nintendo controller’s size together with details perfectly done up as well. A cool feature of the table is that the directional and game buttons contain springs and mechanisms that makes it feel like a gamepad when they’re pressed on.

Not only that, the best part is that they have also installed a working NES console within the coffee table so a faithful Nintendo retro gamer can actually play some of the Nintendo classics right off the table with just a TV set.

Catch the video featuring the making of the NES controller coffee table below: