ceramic tea mug with tea bag holder

Here’s one tea mug that doesn’t really look like an ordinary mug, but with its odd shape comes a very useful function, and that’s the ability to hold a tea bag by its side.

This ceramic tea mug comes ready with its very own pocket incorporated into the design which allows one to place a tea bag, either used or unused by the side of the mug. Filling the mug with hot water, a fresh tea bag can be placed into the tea bag holder and served to your guests in a pleasing manner, allowing them to control the amount of steep time of the tea according to their individual preferences.

When the tea has been steeped to a suitable concentration, the tea bag can then be removed from the tea and dropped into the pocket by the side of the mug, which is pretty convenient and eliminates the need to get rid of the teabag immediately until you or your guests have finished enjoying the tea.

A nice idea for a tea mug that comes with its own tea bag holder for that touch of convenience.

The ceramic tea mug with tea bag holder retails for $5.32 from Amazon.