fold socket clever power socket extension 1

There is quite a number of situations where there is a need to use an electrical socket extension with multiple sockets. It is useful at times where the electrical cable of appliances are too short to reach the wall and also when more than one of them needs to be plugged in for usage at the same time. Here’s one clever concept design of an electrical extension plug that is capable of doing all that and more.

fold socket clever power socket extension 2

fold socket clever power socket extension 3

This power socket extension is a concept design by Qi Qiu, Shang Zhi & Surong Sun. Just like a typical extension of a power socket, it offers multiple sockets via a long extension cord that can be extended to a power socket on the wall. However it is designed to look like a box that can be opened up for use and be able to pack itself back for storage.

In addition to the primary functions, it is designed with sockets that are placed alternately, with one set of sockets connected to the base and the alternate set connected to the lid. This allows it to be closed up, but also serves a useful purpose as it allows extra room for connecting power adaptors directly to the socket without blocking an adjacent socket.

A cleverly conceptual design for a power socket extension design that will be useful for homes and offices.