clever no spill glass soy sauce dropper 1

Here’s one cleverly designed soy sauce container and dropper set that does away with the conventional way of adding soy sauce to your food. Instead of having to pour soy sauce from the container, all you need is to pick up the dropper from the soy sauce container and have the soy sauce drip directly onto your food.

clever no spill glass soy sauce dropper 2

The all-glass design of the this soy sauce dropper set is all-transparent so you’ll know how much soy sauce that is to be added to your food and also makes it easy to see how much is left in the container.

The dropper comes with holes at the top and bottom where the bottom will allow soy sauce to enter from and the top for your finger to control the flow of soy sauce. By placing a finger over the hole at the top and picking up the dropper the soy sauce will stay in place and not drip out due to air suction which is acting against gravity. When the dropper has been carried and hovering above the food, the finger can then be taken off the hole for the soy sauce to drip out.

Being simple-looking and fully made of glass this soy sauce dropper set will provide a good match to kitchens with minimalistic zen themes. Also potentially a less messy way of adding soy sauce to food compared to pouring soy sauce by tilting bottles.

The K-Droplet soy sauce dropper retails for $70 from Uncommon Goods.