extendible spring usb charger ac adaptor concept 1

USB AC adaptors are basically part of our life, with the increasingly amount of portable gadgets that use it for charging and data transfer. However there’s still part of it that still hold us back and that’s the cable that connects the USB adaptor to your gadgets. Usually it leaves quite a mess around when not in use. Here’s one clever USB adaptor concept that comes with a springy USB cord, which can solve the problem of messy cables.

extendible spring usb charger ac adaptor concept 2

The spring charger is a USB AC adaptor design by Park So-hee that comes with a special USB cable. The cable, unlike your typical USB cable comes with a shape that makes it look like a slinky.

What it does is that it can either compress to save space or extend its length when in use. In addition, the cap that comes with the USB adaptor allows the cables to be kept within for storage in a neat package.

A clever design concept for a USB charger with an extendible cable.