clink game glass cup

Getting a little bored during break time? Here’s a glass cup that will let you play a game when you take a drink, provided the drink is either transparent or translucent, because you’ll need to look through the liquid all the way down to the bottom of the glass for playing with it.

The Clink Glass is a cup that comes with its very own puzzle maze game built right inside the bottom of the glass. The game consists of a simple maze with two balls that you control by tilting the glass around. Because there are two balls around, it will require a good hand and eye coordination to get each of them where you want around the simple maze.

The puzzle game at the bottom of the cup doesn’t come in contact with the liquid that you drink at all, for it is enclosed in its own separate compartment just below where the liquid sits in the cup. Therefore there is no need to worry about accidently swallowing one of the game balls.

A nice little cup that is unique-looking and will be useful for killing some free time.

The Clink Glass retails for $19.99 from Perpetual Kid.