clione mini hanging usb portable lamp with speaker function 1

Here’s a beautiful looking touch-activated USB powered lamp that that not only provides illumination, but also acts as an external speaker for a laptop or a smartphone.

clione mini hanging usb portable lamp with speaker function 2

This mini hanging lamp called Clione is powered by USB. This makes it possible to be connected to a USB power source directly from a USB adaptor or from a laptop computer. The lamp is touch-sensitive, therefore it doesn’t come with switches or buttons that break up its elegant design.

In addition to touch-sensitive brightness control system, the Clione also functions as an external speaker. Using the standard 3.5mm audio port, it can be hooked up to multimedia devices like smartphones or tablets to provide a boost in audio strength.

Besides being powered by USB, it also accepts 3x AAA batteries so it can be made portable for use away from a USB power source.

Watch the video of the Clione USB lamp and speaker combo in action below:



A cool and beautiful-looking USB lamp that will look great as a desktop decoration yet useful with its multi-purpose qualities.

The Clione mini hanging USB portable lamp with speaker function retails for $61 from Japan Trend Shop.