clothespin clip light 1

There are many forms of portable book lamps that let you read in the dark, but none of them looks like this one.

clothespin clip light 2

This is a special clothespin that has been made to work as a book light.

The clamp part of the clothespin, just as it is able to secure clothes to hangers, is able to be clipped to the pages of a book. At the tip of one of the sides is where the led bulb has been embedded. which will provide illumination to a single page of a book.

The small and light form that it comes in also won’t add too much weight to the book, and leaving it on after reading also lets it double up as a bookmark for reading the next time.

A portable and useful book lamp that doesn’t look like one at all.

The clothespin clip light retails for $8 from Fancy.