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There are times when inspiration always tend to strike at the wrong time, and when that happens, you’ll want something to record it down with. If you happen to have this set of coasters while having a drink, then you’ll be covered.

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This is a coaster pad that is made to look like a piece from a lined memo pad. While you won’t want to put a cold drink on a real memo pad, this one is designed to function as a drink coaster so it’ll be able to protect your table’s surface from water rings and stains.

In addition to its primary purpose, the surface of the coaster pad can be used like a dry-erase board, so with a whiteboard marker you’ll be able to jot down whatever came across your mine at that moment before you forget. After that you’ll be able to keep your brain free to think about new possibilities or simply to relax without trying to keep remembering as you continue to enjoy your beverage.

A useful and interesting design for a drink coaster.

The coaster pad comes in two designs, loose leaf, and yellow pad and retails for $12 each from Molla Space.