boeing 777 wheel coffee table 1

Here’s one luxurious coffee table that isn’t made from typical parts of, but one that is made from a part of a commercial jet.

boeing 777 wheel coffee table 2

boeing 777 wheel coffee table 3

This is a coffee table that comes with a circular glass surface. Apart from that, the rest of it is completely different from other coffee tables. The entire unit that holds the glass top, is actually a complete wheel rim of a Boeing 777 jetliner.

With the top of the glass completely transparent, the wheel can be displayed and viewed in tis full glory, which is the engineering, workmanship, and design that goes into the wheel that supports and enables a heavy Boeing 777 to travel across a runway at high speeds.

A luxurious and beautiful-looking coffee table that will surely be enjoyed by aviation enthusiasts.

More information on this coffee table at Fallen Furniture.