color-changing solar light globes 1

Have a garden outside your home and want to give it a nice touch of illumination at night? These color-changing solar garden light globes will be a nice fit. Not only do they help to beautify a garden at night, they’re also virtually maintenance free as they are capable of running on nothing but solar power alone.

color changing solar light globes 2

Depending on the number of light globes and how you position them, they can act as a pathway along a garden path, or around a section of the garden as a focal point.

The color-changing solar garden light globes are made of glass and measure 3.5” in diameter, stand at 30” tall and runs on a single rechargeable AA battery. While not as powerful as traditional lighting, the LED bulbs do provide a softer form of colored illumination akin to fireflies in the garden.

The color-changing solar garden light globes retail for $19.99 for a set of three from Amazon. Rechargeable batteries are included.