colorful giant screw wall hooks 1

When you need to attach stuff that come with loops to wall, you can choose to use a simple screw for functional purposes, or you can use something like this that looks much bold. A giant and colorful screw that is big in contrast to typical wall hooks.

colorful giant screw wall hooks 2

colorful giant screw wall hooks 3

This giant screw, which looks more like a bolt is made of plastic and can be attached to the back of the wall using a mount-on screw. The body is made up of two pieces, with the shaft connected to the mounting screw while the cap can be screwed on when mounting is done.

One colorful wall hook that will be great for use not only for function but also for decoration purposes in a children’s room or a creative workplace.

The colorful giant screw wall hook measures 6.9×6.0x9.4 cm in size and comes in four colors black, white, red, and green. Available for $12 each from Brando Gadgets.