colors in motion maze desk toy

Desk toys like dipping birds and solar-powered desk toys are some of the desk toys that help to make a desk look a little more lively in plain and boring cubicle in the office. Here’s one cool waterfall-like desk toy called the Colors in Motion that’ll turn your desk into a better place to work throughout the day.

Unlike a miniature waterfall which is quite impractical to be placed on a typical desktop, this little desk toy doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t spill. It works somewhat like the concept of an hourglass except that instead of sand, water droplets flow down from the top receptacle to the bottom through a maze, and the whole process can be repeated over and over again just by flipping it around when the top receptacle gets empty.

A nice little desk toy that’ll surely be useful for slow days at work. The Colors in Motion Maze desk toy goes for $6.77 on Amazon.