compact triple foldable laptop 1

Laptops, the portable form of the desktop computer as we know have always come in two sections. One half of which is the screen where the other half made of up physical input interfaces such as keyboards and trackpads. However, this compact foldable laptop design goes against the look and shape of conventional laptops with the ability to fold itself not into two halves but into thirds!

compact triple foldable laptop 2compact triple foldable laptop 3

The unique-looking triple-folding laptop design called Feno was conceived by designer Neils van Hoof from the Netherlands. While two-thirds of the laptop make up the screen, only one third of the laptop is reserved for an input device, in this case an adequately sized QWERTY keyboard.

Interestingly enough the laptop in its folded state is still capable of containing an internal optical drive, though having it removed in favor of external or cloud storage would be a better idea which will free up some physical space for more powerful core components.

With the advancement in technology of flexible displays in this time and age, this concept of a laptop with a foldable screen is definitely not far from reality. Perhaps we’ll even have lightweight and compact touchscreen tablets that fold neatly into a shirt pocket in time to come.