conceal l gravity defying bookshelf 1

Bookshelves are functional furniture that can be found in almost every home. Besides being used to store books functionally, they can also be used to beautify or complement the design of a home.

Here’s one bookshelf that holds book in such a way that makes people take a second look. Not only does it have the ability to hold up a good amount of books, it also makes them look as if they are defying gravity.

The bookshelf comes in an inverted v-shape that when attached on the wall on its own will never be able to hold anything, including books.

conceal l gravity defying bookshelf 2

That’s where the two metal support arms at each end come to good use. When books are placed on the flat metal arms they get hidden from viewing and thus causing an optical illusion of gravity defiance.

An interesting design for a bookshelf that doesn’t look boring. The Conceal L bookshelf retails for $35 from Uncommon Goods.