concrete usb flash drives

Yes, these are USB flash drives made out of concrete. Not made to look like concrete but made of the  same material as our modern skyscrapers today.

Just like how concrete used in modern buildings today has transformed cities to the urban landscapes we know today, this USB flash drive captures the essence of architectural wonder in a computer gadget like this minimalistic-looking usbéton concrete USB flash drive.

However to own a USB flash drive like this, one will surely have to go beyond functionality for the sake of personality and design. From the product specs it doesn’t say how much this concrete USB flash drive actually weighs, but we hope that it wouldn’t weigh too much as to break our USB ports.

A good idea perhaps is to connect it to a replaceable USB hub instead of directly to a computer or laptop’s USB port just to be safe. The usbéton concrete USB flash drives measure 10×2.5×1.2cm and are available in 1GB and 4GB capacities for 45-49 euros at ausberlin.