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Bulky chargers and AC adaptors can cause headaches when they need to be plugged into a power outlet directly without an extension cord. Most of the time, this can cause the adjacent power outlets to get blocked, rendering them as good as useless.

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Here’s one USB charger that also plugs in an AC outlet, but in a clever way. Besides being able to get out of the way without blocking adjacent power outlets, it is also able to return that AC outlet that it is plugged into, making it available to other electrical appliances.

The Contort power supply comes with a pivoting neck that when plugged into the power socket, allows it to pivot away to avoid blocking another outlet. On top of that, it comes with an AC outlet built into its main body, effectively returning a free power outlet that was taken up.

The USB charger comes with two USB outlets, offering 1.5A of current each which is suitable for charging portable gadgets like smartphone and tablets.

This will make it useful for travelling for use in hotel rooms where there is limited power outlets available for use.

A portable and useful USB charger for a gadgeteer on the go.

The Contort power supply retails for $24.99 from Quirky.