If you have your hands occupied all the time, not having even a couple of seconds to spare, then you’ll appreciate what this nifty little iPod add-on does for you.

Muso voice activated add-on for iPod

Muso is a gadget that turns your iPod into a voice activated media player. Simply plug on the device into the iPod’s docking jack and you’re set.

It automatically syncs with the user’s iTunes library therefore there’s no need to haggle with extra settings.

One of the main features Muso offers is that it understands day-to-day speaking language such as “Play me some Aerosmith!” or “Give me rock music” therefore there is no need to learn some geeky eighties-TV voice commands such as “Launch the warp portal” and such.

This device is a exceptional companion to the iPod, and would serve as a handsfree iPod kit for drivers — no more hands taken off the steering wheel for song changes.

via ubergizmo