timberland radler trail foldable shoes 1

Here’s an interesting space saving design for shoes – a pair of shoes that can be folded and zippered up when not in use, making them compact and small enough to be carried around in a bag for travelling and hiking.

timberland radler trail foldable shoes 2

These cool foldable shoes are the freshly announced ‘Radler Trail Camper’ by Timberland Japan that weigh 184 grams and measure only 15 cm in length each when folded up. This makes them very suitable to serve as a supplementary pair of footwear to a pair of sandals or purely as an extra pair of lightweight shoes for emergencies for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

The foldable shoes can then be attached to a haversack by means of a carabiner therefore gaining access to the shoes is a very quick and simple task since they can be left hanging outside and not stuffed inside a bulky bag.

The Timberland Radler Trail Camper line of foldable shoes comes in five colors, purple, red, orange, lime and black and will be available in Japan from summer 2011 onwards at a street price of 5,250 yen per pair.

These Timberland Radler Trail Camper Foldable Shoes are also available now on Amazon and prices range from $59.90 to $64.95 per pair depending on size and design.