usb wall outlet concept 1

With the ever growing number of USB gadgets entering the market on a daily basis, the humble USB drive has already started to become a part of our lives.

As most of the tech gadgets we use nowadays come with a USB port for charging and syncing, the USB port is one of the most common type of interfacing connectors around. Therefore, this USB wall outlet concept will surely be a significant snippet of revolution if homes around the world start adopting it for the future.

Though it may seem a little naive to think that the USB port will never be replaced by future technology, at least we know that it will still be around for quite some time before it turns obsolete eventually.

The greatest convenience a USB wall outlet like this brings will be the simplicity of plugging your gadgets straight into the USB port of the wall outlet to charge without the need to hunt for a USB adaptor or a computer. Surely one design that we’ll be anticipating to be implemented for smart homes today and tomorrow.

usb wall outlet concept 2

However the only drawback is the extra effort needed to maintain the USB ports, as there exists electronic parts that will wear out in the pre-installed USB adaptor embedded within the wall outlet unlike the simpler AC socket itself.