brydge bluetooth keyboard for ipad 1

If you find yourself typing a lot on the iPad and wish you can sometimes use it like a laptop, here’s one attachment for the iPad that turns it into one.

brydge bluetooth keyboard for ipad 2

brydge bluetooth keyboard for ipad 3

The Brydge keyboard is a wireless keyboard that can be attached to the iPad to give a look and feel of a laptop. With a hinge that latches onto the iPad, the iPad basically transform into a laptop and can be folded and opened up just like a laptop.

Not only does it make it useful for typing on, it also works like a stand when set on the table so you can use the iPad in handsfree mode for watching video clips and movies. With the keyboard attached to the iPad, it more of less matches the size and weight of a MacBook Air.

It also comes with a built-in speaker, so it will improve the volume and stereo listening experience when compared to the original speaker on the iPad. When the iPad is folded up and not in use, both the screen and keyboard enter sleep mode so there isn’t wastage of battery.

A cool addon for the iPad that converts it into a laptop for those who prefer to type on a keyboard than on a touchscreen.

The Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad retails for $159.95 from Amazon.