silicone cooking flower steamer 1

Here’s one interesting-looking gadget that lets you do two kinds of cooking at the same time, preparing soup and steaming vegetables.

silicone cooking flower steamer 2

This is a steamer called ‘Cooking Flower’ that is made to go over the top of pots and work like a steamer.

Made of silicone, it is heat resistant and will fit pots up to 26 cm, and when vegetables are set in it, the original lid of the pot can still be used to cover the pot. This way, you can steam vegetables not only over plain boiling water, but also over broth and soup, saving time during food preparation.

Another very useful function apart from using it for steaming vegetables, is to place it over a pot of boiling liquid to prevent excessive bubbling that usually results in an overflowing pot.

A useful and cool-looking kitchen gadget that helps to save time in the kitchen.

The cooking flower retails for 1900 yen from Amazon Japan.